What we do

“Our mission is to actively contribute to a sustainable and ecological society through cohousing”.


We bring people together to build the villages of the future.  Our team of project managers provides expertise to groups, governments, developers and landowners to realize projects faster and more efficiently. We advise on budgets, group formation, design, legal organisation and much more. We turn dreams into deeds. Are you looking for guidance, do you want to start a project at a new location or do you have a suitable property or land? Contact us.  


We also invest in suitable land and premises for the development of cohousing projects. Through the cooperative structure, everyone can contribute to the realisation of a larger cohousing offer in Flanders. Each shareholder is co-owner and gets a vote at the General Meeting.

Why are our projects sustainable & ecological?

Our cohousing projects have a minimal footprint because we build or renovate in a compact and energy-efficient way. Parking is on the edge and car sharing is a must. The paving is reduced to a minimum and there is plenty of shared green space. By giving the residents a say, we build to measure. Through common facilities a network of neighbours is created that is priceless. Sharing things and knowledge becomes the standard.  

Examples of built cohousing neighourhoods

Cohousing Oostakker Kerselaar (Belgium)
Cohousing Drongen De Nieuwe Wee (Belgium)
Cohousing Vinderhoute (Belgium)