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Cohousing Vinderhoute

In Vinderhoute, Lievegem, eighteen families have been living in a cohousing project since 2011. It all started here for Cohousing Projects.  Once Cohousing Vinderhoute was finished we thought we could turn our expertise in a methodology to assist other groups.  That’s how our adventure started!

Each house is fully equipped and has its own small private garden which leads into the common garden. In the common house you can use a large dining room with professional kitchen, a homework room, a quiet lounge, a music/fitness room, the laundry room, guest rooms and the basement. There are a lot of activities going on: cooking and eating together, sports, watching films, playing, performances, theater, chatting in the neighborhood square… In short: a lively neighborhood where we know and help each other and where sharing is as obvious for adults as it is for children.