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Cohousing Vinderhoute

Cohousing Vinderhoute

What is cohousing?

In addition to a fully equipped private home and garden, cohousers also have a common garden and a common house in which functions are shared. Cohousing is not the same as living together in one house.

A cohousing district tries to restore the sense of neighbourhood of a traditional village. In a cohousing project, the neighbours know each other and there is a social engagement.

Cohousing solves a number of urban development bottlenecks: smarter use of space, quiet neighbourhoods, safe play areas for children, more compact construction, more green space conservation and attention to water management.

Cohousing projects are residential projects for and by the residents. Cohousing is turning traditional project development upside down: we look for the future residents first. They are given the opportunity to dream, think, plan and build their own neighbourhood. In order to build really demand-driven, it is essential that the future residents manage a large part of the design process and develop a neighbourhood that meets their needs.

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Cohousing in numbers

Cohousing in numbers

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