Halfway between Leuven and Brussels you find cohousing Negenhoek.  On the former chicory factory on the Engelenstraat in Kortenberg a cosy & sustainable neighbourhood of 14 houses and 12 apartments is created. In addition, the residents share a pavilion with dining room, kitchen, co working, children’s corner, sitting area, workshed, laundry room, guest rooms, storage room,…

Special about this project is the diverse group of residents of young and old and the unique location in the green near the train station of Kortenberg. Leuven or Brussels are only 15 minutes away by train, but just as close to the E40, E19 and E314.

The centre of lively Kortenberg, full of shops and restaurants, is nearby. You can also enjoy the green surroundings with the valley of the Weesbeek and the Molenbeek within walking distance. Here you can enjoy a friendly neighbourhood with a large, green shared garden!

In a nutshell

  • 26 fully equipped houses and apartments with private terrace or garden
  • location: Engelenstraat 39, Kortenberg
  • terrain of 8,200 m²
  • a child-friendly and lively community
  • surrounded by shops and schools within walking distance
  • a 2 minute walk to the train station with fast connections to Leuven and Brussels
  • a common house with several functions
  • Lush, green garden
  • an ecological project with low-energy houses
  • great neighbors guaranteed!

Feel like joining? Contact Eef : eef(at)cohousingprojects.be or +32472 50 45 22.



lottypeslaapk.bruto opp. m²tuin of terras m²excl. BTW**plannen
C12appartement glkvs1-210090bewoner gekend
C13appartement glkvs2-312062bewoner gekend
C14appartement +11-28010bewoner gekend
C15appartement +12-312010bewoner gekend
C16appartement +217010bewoner gekend
C17appartement +21738Gereserveerd
X18aappartement 0 & +1211013€295.408*Bekijk
X18bappartement +1 & +221109€298.201*Bekijk
Y19appartement glkvs1-28060bewoner gekend
Y20appartement +11-2836bewoner gekend
P22appartement +11-2868bewoner gekend
P23appartement +11-2809bewoner gekend
P24appartement +22-310811bewoner gekend
P25appartement +21-29812bewoner gekend


lottypeslaapk.bruto opp. m²tuin of terras m²excl. BTW**plannen
A1woning (halfopen)3-414067€375.288*Bekijk
A2woning (gesloten)3-414065Gereserveerd
A3woning (gesloten)3-414064Gereserveerd
A4woning (gesloten)4-517065bewoner gekend
A5woning (gesloten)3-415063€380.805*Bekijk
A6 woning (halfopen)3-415064gereserveerd
B7 woning (halfopen)313560bewoner gekend
B8 woning (gesloten)313559gereserveerd
B9 woning (gesloten)4-517058€419.485*Bekijk
B10woning (gesloten)4-517059€419.962*Bekijk
B11woning (halfopen)4-516062bewoner gekend
Y21woning (halfopen) 313564€363.204*
P26inclusiewoning2000bewoner gekend

*excl. taxes and notary costs